Governor's Memo on TOP

April 2nd, 2009 by Amy


On March 16, 2009, the Governor signed Executive Order D 005 09, Establishing the Colorado Transparency Online Project. The Executive Order continues and expands the State of Colorado’s strong commitment to an open and transparent relationship between Colorado’s citizens and their government by providing citizens with easier access to information regarding state spending.


The Executive Order directs the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, working with the Office of the State Controller within the Department of Personnel and Administration, to establish the Transparency Online Project, or “TOP”. TOP will be a searchable web-based system providing access to descriptions of revenues and expenditures recorded in the state’s official book of record. The system will be designed to provide information about state revenues and expenditures at a level of detail that enables accountability and transparency. TOP will be rolled out by January 1, 2010, though expenditure records will be generally available by September 1, 2009.


To ensure protection of the privacy, safety, and security of state citizens and vendors, the Governor has directed the Office of the State Controller to work with each department to identify types of data that should be excluded or presented only in aggregate form. This letter serves to direct each division within the department to cooperate with the department’s chief financial officer and the Office of the State Controller to identify data that, for privacy, safety, security, or legal reasons, should be excluded from or provided in TOP only in aggregate form.


Thank you for your continued efforts to ensure transparent and accountable government in Colorado.