SB 93 a perversion of transparency

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The first step toward religious persecution is identification, and that is exactly what Senator Morgan Carroll wants to force hospitals to do that don’t perform abortions or provide other services based on “religious beliefs or moral convictions.”  SB 93, her bill that passed the Colorado state senate on along a party line vote, would require:
A [...]

Government perverts “transparency”

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When government uses “transparency” to watch citizens, that’s a strong signal that transparency has been perverted. Originally, a movement for citizens to shine a light on government, government now is passing laws so that it can collect legally your most private health care information. Linda Gorman and I authored a column that originally appeared in [...]

APCD is dangerous to your health

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The column below appeared originally in the Summit Daily on December 22, 2011.
Colorado’s all-payer database poses serious risk, little gain
By Amy Oliver Cooke and Linda Gorman
Colorado state government, and local foundations and health policy elites, have become so ideologically invested in failed health reform policies that they now see nothing wrong with forcing Colorado citizens [...]

Stryker siblings not very charitable

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Stryker Corporation announced it “will cut 5% of its global workforce by the end of next year to reduce costs in the face of new fees on device makers required by the U.S. health care law,” reports the Detroit Free Press. According to Stryker, “job cuts will reduce annual pretax operating costs by more than [...]

How "transparent" is your school district?

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Want to know the answer to that question? Then read the new report from the Independence Institute Education Policy Center titled Time to Show the Money.
Co-authors research associate Devan Crean and senior policy analyst Ben DeGrow reviewed 178 K-12 school districts, 16 BOCES, and the Charter School Institute to determine if they were compliant with [...]

More to the story behind the GEO audit request: arrogance and crony philanthropy

November 7th, 2011 by Amy Categories: health care, local transparency, media 2 Responses

Taxpayers across the country should thank Colorado State Representative Cindy Acree for her persistence and determination to hold Colorado’s Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) accountable. At the end of last week, she went public with her demand for a full blown audit, including performance and financial, of the “off-budget” agency that has been awash in federal stimulus [...]

Lack of transparency downs another ballot measure

November 3rd, 2011 by Amy Categories: Energy, Public Utilities Commission, events, health care, local transparency One Response

Score one for cupcakes! Bake sale beats the establishment!
Nancy Rumfelt, the one woman army at Liberty Watch, who had to have a “Bake Sale for Transparency” to raise money to pay for an open records request, defeated the education establishment. On Tuesday voters in the Thompson School District in Loveland voted overwhelmingly “no” on a [...]

The kind of state Coloradans want

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Senator Rollie Heath was the chair of the ”Unimaginative Failure” Commission (a.k.a. Long Term Fiscal Stability Commission) on which I sat in 2009. Heath constantly asked “what kind of Colorado do we want?” As if a chosen few have the right to force an answer for more than five million people, but that did not stop [...]

Elephants in taxpayers' living room

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Did you get a thank note from the Denver Zoo for your donation? You should have because Colorado taxpayers, and likely taxpayers from across the country,”donated” above and beyond the amount that the seven county, Denver Metro area taxpayers approved with their yes vote to fund the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).
In 2008, the Governor’s [...]

Issue Committee status equals newspaper access

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A local property tax increase in Loveland has attracted all the usual supporters including the teachers union, administration, and other status quo educational-industrial complex advocates. They have an issue committee, volunteers, money (including contributions from the Colorado Education Association and top district administrators), and access to the local newspaper’s guest editorial page, which the opposition [...]