September 15th, 2008 by admin

No taxation without information!  That’s our motto here at COST — Colorado Spending Transparency. While we wish we had thought of it, credit has to go to the Sam Adams Alliance.  However, we will make it famous.

Spending transparency is simply common courtesy.  If government is going to take our money then it should tell us how our money is being spent.  It’s our mission to get the state of Colorado, all municipalities, counties and school districts to put their itemized expenditures and revenue online, in a searchable database.  We want to know where all the money goes and not just from some annual report that is long on numbers but short on specifics.  We believe taxpayers have a right to know where and how every single dime of their money is being spent. 

This is not secret information. In fact government expenditures and revenues are all subject to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).  Why should a taxpayer have to go to the herculanean task of submitting a CORA request, which may or may not be honored, and then be subjected to fees of anywhere from a few to a few thousand dollars just to get information on how his or her tax dollars are being spent?  They shouldn’t.

At a time when so many have lost faith in their government, politicians should show faith in the taxpayers by providing an online, searchable database that includes all revenue, expenditures and contracts.

Remember:  No taxation without information!

To contact us email cost@i2i.org.