No more free rides for state employees?

February 3rd, 2010 by Amy Categories: general, health care One Response
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State Representative and Joint Budget Committee member Kent Lambert wants to put the brakes on state employees using taxpayer funded vehicles for their personal commute to and from work.  The Associated Press quoted Lambert,  ”Nobody else in state government is getting a free ride to work, and they shouldn’t be doing it either.”  

Following up on a COST discovery about the state’s fleet vehicles, Lambert plans to introduce legislation to eliminate ”Gov. Bill Ritter’s fleet vehicle program and bar the use of state-owned vehicles for tax-free commuting unless it contributes to public safety.”

What’s interesting is the state’s response to Lambert’s legislation. 

Julie Postlethwait, spokeswoman for the Department of Personnel and Administration, which oversees the state fleet, said department heads decide who gets a state vehicle and the department has no control over the decision. She said the department has been reviewing fleet rules for a year and tried to cut back on the program.

‘It’s a program we offer, and we can’t force other departments to cut back,’ she said.

Raises taxes? You bet.  Tell departments to “cut back” on employees using taxpayer-funded vehicle for their personal commute? No way.

  1. [...] Taxpayers sponsored commuting for state employees will be a thing a of past if State Representative Kent Lambert and State Senator Bill Cadman get their way.  Lambert and Cadman are the prime sponsors of HB10-1287, legislation “concerning the use of state-owned vehicles for commuting purposes.” [...]